Aged Care Courses

Adelaide CBD – Adelaide City Campus

  • Hope Training College of Australia is located at Level 3, 135 Pirie Street, Adelaide CBD
  • Right, the front of the four-story building you can find 15 Min free parking, Around 4 -5 Parking spaces are available,  After 5:30 PM and Before 8:00 AM this parking space is free to use without any restrictions. Map
  • The west side of building on the Hyde street if you are lucky, you can find parking for 1 Hour without paying anything. Total five spaces are available to use during the business hours. After business hours this parking space is free to use without any time limitations. Map
  • On the Pirie Street around the Campus area, you can find paid parking and parking machines enable to accept card payments. As per Dec 2016, the rate to park your car can cost you  4 – 5 dollars per 1/2 hour. Parking Space Limit is 30 min Map
  • Hindmarsh Square are is also paid parking area but not expensive as most of the city street parking area. You need to carry coins to use this parking area. During business hours maximum you can park up to 30 min with one payment. Map
  • Flinders Street – If you want a park on the Flinders Street you can find easily 1 hour paid parking. You can Park for1 hour maximum with one payment of 4 dollars as per Dec 2016. The machine can accept payment from your cards. Map
  • Wyatt Street – If you park on the Wyatt Street, then you need to pay 4 dollars for an hour, and after that, you need to pay more for more hours if you are parking for a long time. Map

For latest parking rates and updated location, detail can be found on City of Adelaide’s Website: