• Step 1Read and understand the student handbook Carefully

    We thank you for your interest in Hope Training College of Australia. Prior to submitting the completed application form, please read the Student Handbook carefully and talk to our staff for any details.
    Student Handbook is a comprehensive document that contains important information for the students to enable them to make informed decisions about the course.

    Click this link for Student Handbook >> Student Handbook

  • Step 2Download the Application Form and read the instructions carefully

    The Application Form has been designed to identify the prospective learner’s needs, taking into account existing skills and competencies.
    Please read the instructions carefully.

    Click this link >> Student Application Form

  • Step 3Email your completed Application Form

    Please return your completed application form to Info@hope.edu.au with all relevant supporting documents.
    Please note that incomplete forms and/or any application received without the application fees of $250 (non-refundable) will not be processed.

  • Step 4 Assess your application Form and Documents

    Upon receiving your application, our team will assess if your qualification, experience and English proficiency is suited for the course you are seeking to pursue. In cases where required, the learner might be required to take Language, Literacy and Numeracy test before he/she can be enrolled.

  • Step 5 Approval of Application

    Upon successful approval of Application, offer letter is issued to the student & if the student is satisfied with Terms & Conditions, He/She signs and return the offer letter with required fees.

  • Step 6 Start Learning

    The student receives Login details to start with E-Learning and A training plan that outlines the course structure and other relevant details.